I made a couple more batches of muffins to freeze for lunches (again) on Sunday, and for some reason I didn’t double these muffins.  And I should have!  They’re all gone!  So to keep the troops happy I am making a double batch today.  We love them for their […]

Oatmeal Tea Bread/Muffins

  Volunteering can be hard when you have six kids at home and five of them are still quite young.  But this week I joined a group called Baked Relief, baking muffins, cakes, slices and meals to feed SES volunteers, Energex crews and families displaced by the floods.  Anyone really […]

Muffin Madness Monday

      The Countdown is on!  Only one week until the little ones are back at school and we begin the nightly ritual of unpacking and re-packing their lunch boxes.  Actually, I have a plan this year……I have bought each child 2 new lunch boxes and multiple drink bottles […]

My Back To School Baking

If you have an inkling for doughnuts but it all seems just too complicated, then these muffins are for you.  I love it when you bite into a fresh, hot doughnut and strawberry jam comes oozing from the centre, and these doughnut muffins deliver just that, topped off with a […]

Muffin Madness Monday

If your kids don’t mind seeing seeds and sultanas scattered throughout their snacks then they’ll love this slice.  You could even cut it into muesli bar lengths instead of squares if you wanted to.  And apart from the health benefits, it’s a breeze to throw together and you can add […]

Fruit and Seed Slice

Short on time and hunting for something new to put in your kids lunch boxes?  Stop what you are doing, take a peek in your pantry and re-vamp one of your existing recipes.  Last Monday I wanted to make muffins, but I hadn’t done my grocery shopping, so I looked […]

Re-vamping an old recipe

  Looking for a quick treat to make the kids these school holidays?  Why not try these little gems?  I found them at Mamabake.com and the kids were begging for me to make them again.  If you have boys, call them Chocolate Money Bags, and if you have girls, they can […]

A Quick Holiday Treat

These Chicken Meatballs are a great way to Spice Things Up in your Lunchbox.  Don’t worry if you don’t own a thermos, they are just as tasty served cold.  Just make sure you pack them with an icepack.  Add some salad and a dipping sauce and you have a great […]

Tasty Chicken Meatballs

Today is my school lunch box baking day, and hopefully, by the time I finish, I will have enough snacks to see us through the rest of the week for lunch boxes and afternoon teas.  I’m kind of just looking in my pantry, seeing what I have on-hand and deciding […]

Muffin Madness Monday

Aren’t they cute?!  These little muffins make a nice surprise in the lunch box, giving just a little sweet treat with a dollop of jam in the middle.  Quite often I will eliminate lemon rind from a recipe for the kids, but take my advice and leave it in with […]

Jam Surprise Muffins

Have this one for dinner the night before and keep some for the kid’s thermos the next day.  You don’t have to use rigatoni, choose your favourite pasta, my kids love spiral.  Rigatoni can be a bit of a mouthful for the littlies.  You could also freeze some in lunch-sized […]

Another Winter Warmer

I’m calling these a health bar instead of a muesli bar because they are pretty heavy duty and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  My husband definitely doesn’t like them, and I didn’t even bother trying The Vegemite Kid, but I love them and so do my girls, even […]

Health Bars

Store-bought Cheese and Bacon rolls are expensive, but with a little help from your bread machine you can whip them up in no time at all.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  If you don’t have a bread machine, try this recipe. Cheese and Bacon Rolls Ingredients: 250mls Water 1 […]

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

  Now, here’s something that will really impress your little Munchkins these holidays, and you won’t believe how easy it is.  You’ll have one of those OMG, look what I made moments, and then you can feel really proud of yourself as you display your Super-Mum efforts to the family. […]

Homemade Eggless Marshmallows

It’s Friday, and I’m trying to hold out until Monday to do the grocery shopping, so I went hunting through my pantry to see what I could make.  And this is what I came up with.  It’s a new twist on an old favourite everybody loves…..Choc-Chip Scones.  To tell you […]

Choc-Chip Scones

School holidays + Rain + Wind +Coughing Sick Kids = PYJAMA DAY! What do your Pyjama Days look like?  Ours are filled with sleep-ins (echoes of laughter), pyjamas all day, quick and easy meals, fingernail painting, playing hairdressers, and cozying-up under the doona in front of a movie with popcorn […]

It’s Pyjama Day!

Now that the cooler weather is setting-in it’s time to get out the thermos and start sending the kids something warm and comforting  in their lunch boxes.  Macaroni cheese is probably the No. 1 choice in our house and it’s simple to make, using pantry staples you probably already have […]

Winter Warmers

Now, you know what a nut lover I am, and these muesli bars have a wonderful nuttiness about them without actually containing any nuts.  This is a bonus if your child goes to a school with a NO NUTS policy.  I’m not knocking the no nuts policy, I understand it […]

Apricot Muesli Bars