Behind the Box

Who’s behind The Little Lunch Box…

Welcome to the I have created this site as place to share all my favourite meals, snacks and lunchbox treats with other mums and dads desperate to provide nutrition and variety for their children while they are at school.

With a husband, a teenager and five children under 8 years old to make lunch for each day, I need to be organized.  I don’t have time to go searching through all of my cookbooks, cooking magazines and computer bookmarks trying to remember which muesli bar recipe is the one they all eat.  Fortunately, I love to cook and over the years I have accumulated a wealth of recipes, many of which I am yet to try.  As I do, I will add them to this site and let you know which ones disappeared quickly, and which ones reappeared in my kitchen after school.  Each recipe on this site will be tried and tested by my family, who never hold back when it comes to telling me what they think of my cooking.  We also have a child with Type 1 Diabetes, so any recipes suitable for her lunchbox are highlighted.  Take  a look through, I would love to get your feedback.





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