Last Sunday Miss 4 and I headed into the kitchen to whip up some lunch box snacks for the week ahead.  These Banana and Oat Cookies were a real hit.  Not only are they healthy, but they are easy to make (meaning the kids can help out), they’re a great […]

Banana and Oat Cookies

  It seems that, for one reason or another (insert birthdays, Christmas and New Year here), I spent the majority of these school holidays in my kitchen.  Most times I would tell you that the kitchen is my favourite room in the house and I love to spend a day […]

Wheat and Gluten Free Muesli Bars

  What do mornings look like in your house?  For us it’s utter chaos.  O.K.  Maybe it’s not quite that bad, but some mornings that last half hour before I herd everyone into the van and make our way to the school gate can be quite trying.  Most mornings I […]

Breakfast Bars

  If you have a little diabetic in your household, or if you are just trying to find some healthy treat alternatives for your kids, then this Frozen Yoghurt is for you. It takes minutes to prepare, so it can be a last minute treat for the kids to enjoy […]

Super-quick Frozen Yoghurt

  Before we go any further, I have a little questionnaire for you: Question 1:  Do your kids eat Weet-Bix or Vita-Britz? Question 2:  Do you find a truck load of wheaty  flakes in the bottom of the box? Question 3:  Do you dispose of said flakes in the rubbish […]

A Thrifty Slice Recipe

It’s time to spice up that boring Chicken and Salad sandwich by adding some Craisins, Greek Yoghurt and Mayonnaise.  My kids love Craisins so when I saw this recipe I thought it was worth giving a go, and the school holidays were the perfect time to try out new recipes. […]

Greek Yoghurt Chicken Salad

My girls love to find the occasional quiche and salad in their lunch box instead of a boring old sandwich…..Again!  And there’s next to no washing up with this one.  Bonus!  Make one large quiche, or bake in muffin tins to make them an easy addition to your lunch box. […]

One Bowl Quiche

  Like the name?  I totally just made it up on the spot, but I like it, so Peanut Butter Banana Crush it is.  Now, before I go any further, I just want to say that this one won’t be going into the lunch box for two reasons. A:  It’s […]

Peanut Butter Banana Crush

Some people might call me one of those mums.  You know, the ones who pass by the pre-packed bars conveniently located next to the muesli bars in the supermarket, whose kids are begging for a box of something resembling cereal coated in lollies as she heartlessly ignores them and scans the shelves […]

Rice Bubble Slice

  I must confess that this muffin started out in this world as a cake, and a very nice cake it was too.  But as much as the kids loved it, I was bothered by the amount of sugar and maple syrup it contained.  So I decided to change it […]

Reduced Sugar Banana Muffins

  Do you find that with the arrival of third term life becomes super crazy?  That’s how it feels in our household.  Homework seems to increase, school swimming lessons begin, there’s the District School Chess Tournament, excursions to help out with and this year I am running one of the […]

Rainbow Savoury Muffins

If there is one thing we have been blessed with in our journey with Type 1 Diabetes, it’s a caring and co-operative school filled with wonderful teachers willing to take on the responsibility of attending before-school workshops to learn about diabetes and how to handle any emergency situations that may […]

Tackling School

  As any mum of a fussy eater will tell you, you NEVER EVER turn down an opportunity to sneak some veges into your child’s diet.  Fortunately The Vegemite Kid’s favourite muffin contains zucchini, and he knows that, so he is prepared to try other recipes containing zucchini.  Just don’t […]

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Loaf

Pizza Scrolls are another great alternative to the boring sandwich, and jazz up the lunch box that little bit more.  You can use any of your favourite pizza toppings, just don’t go overboard.  Remember, you have to be able to roll them up and you don’t want all of the […]

Pizza Scrolls

  A couple of weeks ago my sister sent me this recipe for Red Lobster’s Cheese Biscuit, but here in Australia that name is a little confusing.  To us biscuits are something small, round, sweet and crunchy. So I’m calling it a Savoury Cheese Loaf, but all credit goes to […]

Savoury Cheese Loaf

  With six kids in the family I guess it’s inevitable that we would have at least one very fussy eater to contend with.  And The Vegemite Kid (Master 7) fills these shoes very well.  We have seen a glimmer of hope in recent months with the voluntary consumption of […]

Sneaky Mum Muesli Bars

  My kids enjoyed this Banana Cake so much that I decided to copy the post from my other site so that your kids could enjoy it too. Is it a loaf, or is it a cake?  Or is it a loaf shaped cake?  It doesn’t really matter what you […]

Banana Cake/Loaf

  These muffins are really just a flavour change-up of my Blueberry Muffin Recipe.  I didn’t have any blueberries in the house this morning, but I did have oranges and a packet of Craisins, so I decided to just switch flavours and take a gamble on how they would turn […]

Orange Craisin Muffins

  I tried three new Muesli Bar recipes last week.  One was far too sweet to be called a muesli bar, one was so-so, and this one was perfect.  I’ve had this recipe in my Bookmarks for a while now, but I rarely have Rice Bubbles in the house because […]

Light & Tasty Muesli Bars

I’m happy to say I have almost baked my way through my stash of frozen bananas, but I have been very pleased to have them there since the recent flooding in Qld as the price has gone up to $3/kilo. And I’m not paying that price to make muffins.  But […]

Apple and Banana Oat Slice