Super-quick Frozen Yoghurt

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If you have a little diabetic in your household, or if you are just trying to find some healthy treat alternatives for your kids, then this Frozen Yoghurt is for you. It takes minutes to prepare, so it can be a last minute treat for the kids to enjoy when they arrive home from school looking for something to help them beat this summer heat.  And it only has two ingredients, no added flavours, colours or sweeteners , which makes it the perfect healthy summertime snack. Not to mention, calculating the carbohydrates is a breeze when there are so few ingredients.  I haven’t done it for you because it will vary according to the frozen fruit you choose to use.  So go crazy and experiment with flavours!

I served mine immediately, so it was nice and soft, but you can freeze it for a while to get a sorbet-like texture, or pop it into ice-block moulds and keep them in your freezer for later.

Super-quick Frozen Yoghurt


securedownload (7)2 1/2 Cups of your favourite Frozen Berries (or you could possibly chop and pre-freeze some of your favourite fruits)

1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yoghurt

Place your fruit into a food processor  (I used a stick blender) and pulse until it resembles frozen bread crumbs.

Add the yoghurt and blend until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.

Serve immediately, or freeze for later.