We’re taking a break from sandwiches today, and taking left-overs for lunch.  Here’s one way to make left-overs fun.  We had tacos last night, and the kids love cold taco mince, so I put some in a container with a dollop of sour cream and salsa, and in another container I made a mini-salad with grated cheese on top.  I decided to send corn chips instead of taco shells because I thought they might get a bit chewy sitting in a lunch box, so it’s up to you whether you call them tacos or nachos.  Either way, they were a hit.  Just don’t forget to include a spoon.  I always have a ready supply of plastic spoons to send along for yoghurts etc. to avoid losing our good ones .  And would you believe the plastic spoons always make it home?  I also use these great freezer containers called EZ-Freeze, by Stayfit.  They were an impulse-buy when I was doing a rushed grocery shop at Woolworths one day and I love them.  They are a set of three (I have used the small and mid-size here).  With the mid-sized container,  you freeze the lid and put it on just before you pack your lunch, keeping the contents nice and chilled.  The larger one is great for things you want to keep really cold like yoghurt because you freeze the whole container the night before and add your yoghurt in the morning.  And the smallest one is just for packing your extras like a salad, or fruit or muesli to add to your yoghurt.  They also snap together one on top of the other which makes storage easy (No more lost lids).